Kensington: matching the style

August 2, 2020 – 08:03 am

Kensington is a fairly elite area in London. You don't have to be expensively dressed to look like the locals and people working here. There are some tips to help you feel at ease here.

A person who looks presentable, successful and well-groomed always inspires affection and trust. The image of respectability contributes to the rapid establishment of contacts, emergence of understanding, attention of the opposite sex, etc.

White and black. When choosing your look for the day, stick to one color in your clothes - neutral. All in white or all in black. Play with fabric textures will add sophistication. And of course, take care of your hair - it should look like you just left the salon.

Monochrome. Option for those who do not like uniformity in the image. Choosing a monochrome wardrobe. We take one color as a basis, and then "layer" other elements of clothing in shades of the selected color. The emphasis is on the texture of the fabrics. For example, suede and knitwear, wool and leather, or silk with jeans.

Clothes to order. You don't have to go to the atelier. You can find a talented seamstress in your city and outside the atelier. Draw an exclusive sketch (to the best of our abilities) and then give it to the seamstress and wait for the masterpiece. This method will help to dilute the wardrobe not with the same type of "market" things, but with stylish and fashionable mens church suits, which no one else will have.

Timeless style. It is not necessary to “run” for seasonal trends, the best choice is the classics, which always remain timeless. This option allows you to look expensive and makes it easier to create your own fashionable image. Just putting on a fashionable set of clothes is not enough, you must definitely add, for example, a stylish hat, trench coat or raincoat.

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