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Millennium Baileys Hotel
October 20, 2015 – 11:27 am

Book Millennium Bailey s Hotel Book Millennium Baileys Hotel London Kensington, London, United

Classic London architecture, cozy room, warm and friendly service.

My travel agent gave me a choice between the Millenium Baileys and the Millenium Gloucester next door. She said that the Gloucester was more modern. I didn't want to sell myself short by losing out on the true London experience, so I opted for Baileys. It's located steps away from the Gloucester Road Underground Station, a Tesco (convenience store, kind of like a 7-11), a handful of pubs, and one of the double decker tor stops. A marvelous location!

Based on it's architecture and layout, the Baileys seems to be a converted apartment building. It has the beautiful black iron railings, window planters, brick exterior, and intricate molding that is so uniquely London. From the momeny my cab pulled up, a doorman was there to immediately grab my bags and open the door for me. The receptionist gave me a few suggestions on places to eat and shop. She also handed me a few brochures for the Underground system and the bus tours. Score!

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The room itself was the most spacious (approx. 300 sq. ft) that I had in my three-country tour of Europe. We paid 20 pounds per night to upgrade to this larger room and it was worth it. There was a queen sized bed, a desk, and lots of drawer space. There was also a very spacious closet. The window was propped open with a bent toothbrush, which I thought was pretty funny. I brought the wrong plug adapter (mine only worked for all other countries in Europe except England) but thankfully, the room had one American plug - whew! Thanks Brits! We Americans must do this all the time...

Even the bathroom had personality - a ceramic pedestal sink, a narrow raised bathtub with attached shower head. I seriously had to learn how to flush the toilets in Europe - they have levers that release water as long as they are being pressed, so you have to sit there holding the lever for a few seconds, which is a bit awkward.

The lobby of the Bailey's is connected to a lounge that featured nightly live music. There was a jazz band when I was there. I never ate in the lounge because it was pricey, but it's nice to have the option.

It's also quite affordable. It's priced like a 3 star but feels almost like a 4 star, especially because of the service. I never had to lift a finger while I was there, not even to open my own door to enter or leave the hotel. And the fact that they're across the street from the Underground gave my husband and I the confidence to explore all over London until 12:30am (when the underground stops running).

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