Kensington Hotel London and Spa

The Bentley Hotel Spa London
October 10, 2015 – 09:27 am

Kensington hotel London has an oasis of rejuvenation and serenity at the Bentley London, where spa treatment is part of every visit. Following in the footsteps of the hotel's name, Spa offers luxury and relaxation. Its spacious rooms are designed with a minimalist style, which helps to provide customers with a luxurious and relaxing environment. In addition to providing a soothing and luxurious experience, the hotel has its own onsite spa. These spas have the highest standards of hygiene, quality and design, which ensure the best possible experience for its clients.

Amenities in the Kensington hotel London and spa include high-class suites with fully equipped kitchens. These suites offer excellent services such as home-cooked meals. These meals are prepared by expert chefs, and there are also many top-class bars and restaurants within the hotel. All of these services are combined with a number of other luxurious facilities, which give clients the best chance of having a fantastic time. Other amenities include world-class fitness centers, a variety of entertainment options, and a spa facility with all types of treatment. The hotel also provides its guests with a free shuttle service. This means that guests are no longer responsible for their own transportation and are able to enjoy themselves in the privacy of their own hotel room.

Guests may choose to book into one of the rooms in the London and Spa, which are centrally located. This way they can easily reach the spa and other areas of the city. The hotel also offers a private pool and spa, which are fully equipped and ready for use. It has an onsite restaurant, which offers customers with excellent local and international cuisine. The hotel also provides guests with a choice between three different types of leisure activities, such as bowling, golf, tennis, sailing and more. This means that any guest will be able to find a suitable activity to enjoy themselves in the luxury surroundings of the London and Spa.

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does anybody know the reason why Comfort Inn Notting Hill hotel in London is closed? | Yahoo Answers

I actually telephoned Comfort Inn to find out what happened to this hotel and while they did not know why it had closed (apparently back in 2006) it is no longer one of their hotels.
If you are looking for a comparably priced hotel in this area you can find a very good accommodation search engine at the website listed below.
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