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Kensington Close Hotel & Spa Fitness & Spa
January 24, 2017 – 12:06 am

Group ExerciseThe Kensington Close Health Club and Spa studio allows you to take part in a wide range of studio classes which are available throughout the day

All classes are free for members and cater for all ages. Levels range from high impact to absolute relaxation. All of our qualified fitness instructors are friendly and will ensure you have fun!

Fab Abs/Core

An intense workout for the entire torso, this class focuses on toning and strenthening the body's core abdominal and back muscles. This powerful workout for the 'powerhouse' of your body is a short, 25 minute investment of your time.


Toning, conditioning and aerobics class that will leave you fizzing with energy.


High intensity cardiovascular workout using Lifecycle bikes. The classes are between 30 and 45 minutes and will ensure you are constantly on the edge with a mixture of sprinting, climbing and leg challenging workouts.

Step conditioning

Take your first step to fitness with this fun-filled, easy to follow workout that burns calories by moving on and around a raised step platform. Basic step choreography alternated with sets of strength training keep your heart rate up as you tone your muscles. Work your whole body with the perfect combination of cardio and weights!


An energetic, upbeat aerobics class that is sure to get your body moving. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this class combines cardiovascular training and toning exercises, for a superior total body workout.

Body conditioning

Focusing on strength, muscular endurance and purposeful fitness conditioning, these classes will help to develop a strong and toned physique. Body conditioning classes involves a high energy, high and low impact workout. Usually 30 minutes aerobics and 30 minutes toning make up the class time. Sculpt and strengthen your whole body with a range of easy-to-master exercises in an engaging, encouraging atmosphere.


Pilates is one of the world's most popular exercise classes. It gives strength, stretches your muscles, improves your posture, and can help ease lower back pain. It restores the balance of your whole body, leaving you feeling healthier and more relaxed teaching you how to breathe efficiently.

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What They Say About Kensington Court Hotel
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