Regent Hotel Kensington NSW

Regent Hotel in Kingsford, Sydney, NSW, Pubs & Bars
April 19, 2017 – 12:51 am

The Kensington Hotel The Kensington Hotel (Regent Room) in Kensington Park, SA

Let's review one aspect at a time...

We'll treat it like a date and start with the looks.
First impression, the place looks pretty decent. She's a small pub, but she's cleaned up well. Carpet looks relatively new, it doesn't smell like stale beer stains, the tables and chairs are all evenly spaced and there's a couple of pool tables. There's a quaint little smoking area with enough seating for most nights.

Here come's the small talk - there's a few TV's for sports so it'll be a decent place to be to watch a game/match. There's some pool tables as mentioned above and some pinball tables and arcade machines if i remember correctly, so she's a bit of fun i guess.

Taste? Well. I already said she dresses well, but The Regent Hotel also has some good grub. The food is VERY decent (I had a halloumi salad). Beer wise, it's just your standard domestics and a low carb.
The wine selection seemed pretty sweet and i guess there were a few spirits.

Personality? A+. The regent has above average service which goes a long way. I was treated very nicely and there was always a smile with anything I ordered.

SO! In summary, you're not going to fall in love, but you'll pay her a visit here and there and who knows, you might be pretty good mates with The Regent one day.

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