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February 28, 2017 – 12:34 am

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  • over 5 years by Charlotte 5 / 5

    Absolutely fabulous gardens and well worth eating in the restaurant too, which overlooks them (set menus which don't break the bank, but do book ahead!). Quite extraordinary to find this haven in the middle of London and the gardens are beautifully maintained. Lovely in May when the wisteria is out, but a real treat on any sunny day.
  • almost 6 years by Greg Ralph 5 / 5

    I decided on five stars - simply because the gardens still exist. I do agree with William that Planners could easily insist that all new buildings incorporate Roof Gardens. Overseas they have swimming pools and tennis courts - London could become known for its roof gardens perhaps?
    I do have very clear recollections of this fabulous and quite unique feature of London, on a few occasions when my parents took me to London from Wales during the fifties.
    I actually have a small souvenir booklet of photographs which I have kept - so Derry & Toms must have made a significant impression on me at the time.
    It is wonderful that the gardens still exist albeit in a modified form. It is testament to the preservation order system, I suppose, that commercialism was not allowed remove them.
    Hopefully they will be further protected and not allowed to fall into disrepair.
  • almost 8 years by William003 4 / 5

    Kensington Roof Garden us good and its old - it was Biba's Roof Garden when I first saw it in the 1970s. But why hasn't London got more roof gardens like this? In fact why don't all the new buildings in London have roof gardens?
  • almost 8 years by Leah 4 / 5

    I forgot to mention that I would also recommend the restaurant (Babylon)- nice place, good food, good views (certainly over London, but possibly over part of the garden as well - I forget). I wondered if I had been a bit stingy with 3 stars in my review of couple of minutes ago so this time I give 4 to we average at 3.5, which I think is about right!
  • almost 8 years by Leah 3 / 5

    I got the feeling that this garden may have suffered in the interests of commercialism. It is attached to a restaurant and night club owned by Virgin and is hired out for events so has been kitted out with seating areas etc... Still - well worth a visit - it is extraordinary that the whole garden is on a roof above Kensington High Street. I have never seen a roof garden on anything like this scale before! And what a good use of what would be otherwise dead space in central London.
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Aerial Filming in London - Kensington Roof Gardens (filmed
Aerial Filming in London - Kensington Roof Gardens (filmed ...
Good Friday at the Roof Garden Hotel Kensington 4
Good Friday at the Roof Garden Hotel Kensington 4
Advances in petrochemical technology, Tara Hotel, Kensington, London, 11 and 12 May 1977: [symposium] organised by the Institution of Chemical ... Branch) (I.Chem.E. symposium series ; no. 50)
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Kensington Roof Gardens.wmv
Kensington Roof Gardens.wmv
Kensington Roof Gardens
Kensington Roof Gardens
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Popular Q&A
How were the Kensington Roof Gardens originally formed?

The Kensington Roof Gardens were orginally the roof gardens on the top of the department store known as Derry and Toms. They were created in 1936 and went on to raise money for charities as visitors were charged one shilling's entrance fee. They are home to some not particularly friendly pink flamingos.

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