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November 14, 2015 – 04:51 pm

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Avni Kensington Hotel Harrington Garden is a holiday resort for the love of England. Come and have a gala time in England, enjoy your stay in this eco-friendly luxury resort. You can find everything for you in the backyard of this lovely hotel. The gardens are beautifully decorated, the swimming pool is a great venue for family and friends, as well as fun-filled trips by the lake, water and air.

Avni Kensington hotel Harrington Garden is just for those who enjoy the peacefulness and romance of England. You can soak in the warmth of the Riverside while the kids play. You can go and fish or you can take in the serenity of the calm waters. The wide green lawns, the lovely gardens, the lush plants, the birds, butterflies, all of these create an environment for a wonderful escape. You can use the food from your kitchen to cook the taste of England, as well as explore the many local delicacies. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and the beautiful lawns.

Get the feel of England when you stroll around the gardens of the resort. The garden beds are well tended and they are all planted to perfection. When you step out of the Jacuzzi, you can be sure that you will fall into a dreamy sleep. The greenery of the trees, the colorful flowers, the walking paths and the peaceful ambiance, all of these add to the beauty of Avni Kensington Hotel Harrington Garden. You can enjoy your time out with your children, who will surely enjoy the picnics that the hotel provides for you. Sit back and watch the children playing, or grab a seat and sip a nice drink. You can make a picnic of it, too.

Source: www.kensington-court-hotel.co.uk
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